10 Simple Rules For Healthy Pregnancy

10 Simple Rules For Healthy Pregnancy

Health lifeFirst of all, if you are a soon-to-be-mother, I would say congratulation! When you are pregnant means you are not only taking care of yourself but also the little creature inside you. Pregnant women are advised to eat well, do the prenatal care, and exercise regularly because they have a lot of health benefits for both of you and also can lead to a successful delivering baby.

Healthy Pregnancy Is Important!

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle throughout your pregnancy is all you need. When you are expecting, everything needs a little extra so don’t forget to follow these rules below:

  1. The first rule goes for water. Yup, stay hydrated. At least drink 8 glasses of water daily as they advised. Avoid caffeinated beverages, noted!
  2. Get yourself away from a smoky area. Don’t let yourself to be a secondhand smoker, this isn’t good.
  3. Remind yourself to take care of your prenatal vitamin every day.
  4. Try to put your feet up several times a day to prevent from getting swollen feet’s, ankle, legs, and fatigue.
  5. If you are an active smoker, I highly suggest you quit it for you and your little one best.
  6. Provide yourself with well-balanced meals a day which contains high vitamin and protein.
  7. Don’t forget to wear your safety belt when you are in a car. Reminds your partner to remind yourself too, aha!
  8. Do exercise! Walk around your neighborhood at least twenty minutes a day. Exercise is also important for your general health so do it.
  9. Stop yourself from overtaking any medicine without the guide from your pregnancy consultant. It’s pretty risky for your pregnancy.
  10. Pregnancy period comes with sleep disturbance at night, but a mama still needs an adequate amount of sleep, right? Take a good nap instead to cover your sleep deprived.

Good luck on your pregnancy! Let us know when your offspring is here!

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