Amazing Place In Indonesia

Amazing Place In Indonesia

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Do you like to go traveling to some beautiful places related to nature? Or do you prefer to go traveling abroad? Every country has the best destination that mostly becomes an icon of that country even you can find more than 1 amazing destination in that country. For example, in Indonesia, some foreigners know that Bali is the best place destination in Indonesia with their beach, culture and other interesting things. Even though, Indonesia does not only have Bali as a well-known destination in the world. Indonesia is rich in destinations related which have amazing natural scenery. There are a lot of beautiful places that you can visit or also can be added as your choice while traveling to Indonesia.

Where Is The Best Destination In Indonesia?

Besides Bali, Indonesia has Lombok which belongs to one of best destination from Indonesia. If you want to plan to visit Lombok, you may first read more about the condition in Lombok since you have to come to Lombok at the right time to get the best holiday. Lombok has very beautiful scenery and underwater views because the sea is clear enough.  It is better for you to come in the summertime since you can do more activities rather than in rainy season. While rainy season comes, Lombok becomes so wet and it is hard to explore Lombok.

Another best destination in Indonesia is some mountains that are available in Indonesia. For climbers, Indonesia can be one of a favorite destination since there are a lot of mountains that will challenge your adrenaline such as Jayawijaya Peak, Kerinci Mountain, Sumantri Mountain, Slamet Mountain, Mandala Peak and so many more. Those mountains have very beautiful scenery that can pay off any sacrifice that you do to climb those mountains. Therefore, do not have to wait until Indonesia is rich in a beautiful destination.

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