Antimalware Service Executable for Basic Protection

Antimalware Service Executable for Basic Protection

Antimalware Service ExecutableAntimalware Service Executable is the basic protection of your PC that you can get from the Windows. Especially for the users of Windows 10, you can get this protection as the part of Windows Defender feature in protecting your PC. This antimalware can work to protect your computer as the same with the protection from the other antivirus programs. Yes, you still have the basic protection from Windows defender from this antimalware system when you still do not install any other antivirus yet. Are you curious about the work of this antimalware? If you are curious about it, please read the following paragraphs for more information about it.

Antimalware Service Executable for Protection

Antimalware Service Executable as protection for your computer is something important and essential for your system. Of course, it is important to have any protection of your system, since you have to make sure to protect the data in your computer. When you still do not have any match or ideal antivirus, you can trust your computer protection to this antimalware from Windows Defender. Yes, this antimalware can work along with the other antivirus that you install on your computer. This antimalware will also work to scan any files and programs in your computer.

Yes, this antimalware works to scan and protect all the files and programs on your computer. Once you run a program, this antimalware will also run to protect the program. It also happens to the files that you have on your computer. The protection of your computer really needs the basic of this protection from the Windows Defender. So, when you have the other antivirus that you add to your computer, you do not need to disable the antimalware from Windows Defender. Yet, let it works along with the new antivirus. That is all about Antimalware Service Executable.

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