Asus Zenfone Blog Fresh Zenfone Live

Asus Zenfone Blog Fresh Zenfone Live

Asus Zenfone BlogZenfone Live is a new product that has been launched this year. It is pretty interesting to discuss especially for low-end and middle-end smartphones because those phones are a great indicator to show how far technology is going for most people. In this Asus Zenfone Blog, we will discuss how the Zenfone Live is. As we already knew, Asus will always special in launching their new phones, because they always show new features and incredible performance. Asus is a typical great cell phone company, which is based in China, and it is one of the giant cell phone companies in the country, at the same level with Xiaomi, and Lenovo.

Living And Entertaining Zenfone Live In Asus Zenfone Blog

Considered between middle-end and low-end class, Zenfone Live appears in amazing and classy look. The five-inched cell phone has a great look that will fit with teenagers. It is a bit new because, before this phone, Asus always came up with elegant and scary with dark skin. This time, looking for teenage customers, Asus show their first fresh looking gadget that will be equipped with HD IPS layout. It is also pretty skinny with its 7.95 body width, and steel hard case behind it. With that thin body, Asus Zenfone Blog can say that it will be much more interesting and sophisticated looking.

About the performance, it will be a hell of a performance of a low-end smartphone that has 1.4 GHz. If you wonder about the random-access memory, Z-Live will also get an incredible addition with 3 gigabytes. The combination between the 1.4GHz Snapdragon and 3 gigabytes RAM, this device will be much more stable and tough to load a lot of application. LTE connectivity is also an interesting to look for because, in this era, the 3G connectivity does not have enough speed for surfing the internet. As it has launched in India, the other countries should wait for it and sees the update in Asus Zenfone Blog.

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