Best Ways To Wear Plaid Shirt

Best Ways To Wear Plaid Shirt

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A plaid shirt is an iconic shirt that has been a popular piece of clothing since forever ago. Every man at least owns two or three plaid shirt in their wardrobe. If you keep wearing your plaid shirt in the same old style, you definitely need to learn how to master it with us. You will look more trendy and fresh, promise. Let’s check this out.

Achieve The Best Look With Plaid

The plaid shirt is the least-risk option due to its versatility which allows you to mix and match it with anything inside your wardrobe. From jeans to chinos, they are a perfect combination of a plaid shirt. From buttoned to unbuttoned style to wear a plaid shirt, sure both will give you the best look. Therefore, we’re going to show you the ways to style a plaid shirt below:

  • Street style. One of the easiest way to figure out whether the style will suit for you is by taking a look at the people around the street who wear the outfit that you still not sure to wear. It’s actually a bit tricky because if a certain outfit looks dashing on someone else, that doesn’t mean it will on you. However, it can work the other way around as well.
  • Grunge style. In the 90s, the grunge style was the coolest thing outfit. If you want to bring back the vibe, try to mix and match the plaid shirt with a graphic shirt underneath can really elevate the way you look. Distressed jeans are welcomed to give more old-school vibe.
  • Achieve your sharp look by trying to combine the plaid shirt with a plain suit. Avoid mixing too many patterns and colors at all cost if you don’t want to look super awkward and far from the sharp look.

The truth is that there are numerous ways to wear the stylish plaid shirt. However, rather than make you confused with the countless ways, we decided to share the best 3 ways to pull off the plaid. Kindly visit for more related articles.

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