Caring For Your Lenses

Caring For Your Lenses

You just bought Sweety Plus Spatax Gray lenses. Although the price is affordable (they are just 20 USD for such great quality!), you still need to take care of them properly. If you take care of your lenses well. Your eyes condition will be well too.

Take Care Of Sweety Plus Spatax Gray

Actually, Sweety Plus Spatax Gray doesn’t need too much treatment. There are basic principles to take care of contact lenses. Find out more below!

  1. The first basic principle is to always have dry and clean hands when you want to touch your lenses. Not only touching, but wearing and taking out your contact lenses. You need to wash your hands first by using water and mild soap. After that, you need to dry your hands by using a clean towel. And then, you are allowed to touch your lenses. Why washing your hands is so important? Your hands contain bacteria or other things that can irritate your eyes. You don’t want those dirty things to get into your precious eyes, right? Wear your contact lenses before you wear makeup. And take out your lenses before your remover makeup.


  1. The second principle is to rub your contact lenses gently when you want to clean them. To remove any dirt on the lens, you can clean them individually. Don’t forget to pour a lens cleaning solution. You can also use a multi-purpose solution. Pour the solution just a little bit on the lens case and place the lens into it. Using your index finger to rub it gently. In fact, this method is effective when it comes to cleaning lenses.


  1. The third principle is to wearing and taking out the lenses carefully. It’s better to not have long or pointed fingernails when you want to wear or take out the lenses, your fingernails may irritate your eyes.

If you follow this basic principle, your Sweety Plus Spatax Gray will be durable enough.

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