Chinese Buffet Near My Location In New York City

Chinese Buffet Near My Location In New York City

chinese buffet restaurants near meIf you like Chinese foods and live in New York City, then Chinese Buffet near my location article is perfect for you. This article is made to recommend people of some great Chinese foods restaurants in New York City. Chinese buffets near my location will tell you the best places to find exotic Chinese foods and authentic Chinese buffets restaurants. These Chinese restaurants are recommended and already famous, so some of you who live in New York City maybe know about one of these Chinese restaurants. Chinese foods are delicious, mostly spicy, quick servings and rather cheap and reasonable price. Chinese foods are great for takeout and perfect meals for family dinner. That’s why many families love Chinese foods for their family dinner. Bellows are some recommended places to order Chinese foods located in New York City.

New York City Recommended Places For Chinese Food By Chinese Buffet Near My Location

Since there is a lot of Chinese immigrants in New York, no wonder that there are many Chinese restaurants here in New York. Chinese buffet near my location article will tell you about where is the best place to find Chinese dishes. The first place is Fu Run, located in Queens. These Chinese restaurants offer northern China dishes where most of the dishes use meat and lamb. The special menu for this restaurant is Muslim Lamb Chop. It is delicious lamb ribs, covered with cumin and sesame seeds. If you find lamb is not your stuff, then you should try beef stuffed pancake in this restaurant. This restaurant really reflects Northern China cuisine very much.

Next place is Shun Lee West located in Upper West Side of New York. If you prefer some luxury and elegant dinner, then Shun Lee West is your best choice. This Chinese restaurant really represents glamor and luxury of China. With a golden dragon as the wall decorations and luxury interior, this place will make you feel authentic and luxurious. The special menu here is Beijing duck, Neptune’s net and Lily of the wood. This luxurious experience will cost you an expensive dinner, so you might need to prepare your wallet. That’s it some recommended places to eat Chinese foods by Chinese buffet near my location.

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