Dates For Health Content

Dates For Health Content

Dates are the fruit of great interest to the public. The sweet and chewy taste makes people not bored to consume it. Dates can be consumed directly. But some people innovate by processing dates into juice or mixing it on the cake. Dates will increasingly be found in the store when it comes to Ramadan, the month in which Muslims perform fasting.  The high nutritional content of dates is also one of the reasons people love this fruit.

Privileged Dates For Health

Are you having a difficult bowel problem? Of course, dates are the right solution because of its role as constipation that can wash the stomach. Dates are very important in maintaining the health of the digestive system. Among them is the content of nicotine in dates that can prevent the growth of bacteria in the intestine, and the amino acid content in dates can facilitate your digestive system. In addition to its role in stomach health, dates can also nourish your bones. The content of manganese, copper, magnesium in dates can meet the needs of your bones and can prevent you from getting osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

Another advantage is evidenced by some research that reveals that dates can prevent themselves from cancer of the abdomen. Research conducted at one university in Saudi Arabia also states that dates contain anti-inflammatory agents in which the contents are found in ibuprofen and aspirin. So, dates can reduce a headache, can even be a solution for women who are experiencing pain during menstruation. Dates are also the recommended fruits for pregnant women because dates can help the process of red blood cell formation that prevents pregnant women from anemia. Unfortunately, eating dates for diabetics should be limited because of their high glucose content. So, don’t consume it any more than three dates in a day.

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