Diets And Eating Healthy Tips

Diets And Eating Healthy Tips

aHealth tipsAs a living creature, we human will need to eat every day. The basic rule of surviving is we can’t live without oxygen in 7 minutes, can’t live without water in 3 days, and can’t live without foods for 7 days. Aside from breathing as our primary needs, and water for our mineral supply, eating needs for our survival, so basically, we will need to eat every day. Our body also will have a hunger, feeling hungry is a sign, that your body needs to eat. By eating, you will recharge your energy, as well as giving your body enough nutrition. Your body will need much nutrition in order to grow and working properly. We need to eat, but sadly we can’t eat too much, so we need to control our appetite and eating habits. If you want to have a healthy and strong body, then firstly, you will need to control your diets or eating habits.

How To Control Diets And Our Eating Habits?

What does our body need? or what nutrition our body needs in order to work properly every day? Our body will need calorie to do every activity and our works. Our body will need at least 1900 calorie per days for man and 1400 calorie per days for a woman. We can get calorie nearly from every food, but the difference for every food is the calorie amount. There are some foods that contain very high calorie like junk foods, or foods that contain less calorie like veggies and fruits. If you are thinking you are eating enough calorie days, you should cut off your calorie consumption, or else you will end up stacking a lot of calories.

You also need to control when you eat and how many times you eat. A human normally eats three times a day, every six hours, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t try to skip one of the meals, or your body won’t get enough nutrient in need and you will feel very hungry. Try to balance between your eating habits with your exercise for more better effects for your health.

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