Earthquakes Are Disaster, What Causes Earthquakes?

Earthquakes Are Disaster, What Causes Earthquakes?

what causes earthquakesEarthquakes are a natural disaster that mostly happens in the Pacific coastline. What causes earthquakes and why Pacific coastline had so many earthquakes every year? If you are looking on what causing earthquakes and why it happens a lot in the Pacific coastline country, then you have come to the right place. This website is designed to gather any information about earthquakes and provide the reader with complete information to broaden their knowledge about earthquakes. Since earthquakes are a natural disaster, so we can’t really prevent it from happening, but we can at least mitigate the damage caused by earthquakes and make the casualties lesser. To mitigate the damage we receive from earthquakes, we need to understand what cause earthquakes, where do earthquakes comes from and how to act during an earthquake.

How The Earthquakes Happen And What Causes Earthquakes?

If you are asking what causes earthquakes, there are many causes of earthquakes. Tectonic shift, Volcanic activity, or even human faults, But the most common cause of earthquake is the tectonic shift. Inside the earth, there is a giant pool of magma, and there are many giant rocks that floating on it. These giant rocks are what we called as the earth plates. The earth plates are constantly moving, and sometimes, it can crash at each other and break. From the break, it will send seismic wave strong enough to vibrate the ground. Once the seismic wave reaches the surface, it will cause the ground tremble and shake. That’s what we call a tectonic earthquake. It happens a lot, especially in the country crossed by multiple earth plates like Japan, Indonesia, and U.S. Sometimes, the vibration is very small that we don’t feel it, But the vibration can be huge and dangerous, capable of tearing the whole city apart.

As for the volcanic earthquakes, it is caused by volcano activity nearby. Again, the earth plates are also one of the reasons behind volcanic earthquakes. Sometimes, earth plates can hit the base of the volcano, and create seismic a wave. It will cause volcanic earthquakes. But the volcanic earthquakes are also a sign that the volcano will soon erupt. That’s it on how earthquakes happen, and what causes earthquakes.

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