Exercises for You Who Always Sit

Exercises for You Who Always Sit

Health lifeWho says that you cannot do exercise when you sit all day long in your office? For you who are working while sitting down all day long, it must be great news for you. We cannot deny that there are so many people who work while sitting in this digital era. At this point, they may spend more than eight hours in five days to work in front of their computer while sitting. When working while sitting is considered to be unhealthy activity, what should we do?

Best Exercises for You Who Sit All Day Long

Luckily, there are some possible exercises that you can do when you are sitting on a chair. For warming up, you can change from sitting to standing without using your hand for sometimes. So, you will change your position for several times as warming up. You do not need to go anywhere from your chair. More importantly, you will not spend so much of your precious time when you do this simple activity. Then, you can also reduce the tense in your neck by doing exercise that has something to do with your head. This simple movement will be able to be done right from your chair as well.

For the head movement, you can nod your head upward and downward in exchange for several times. Then, you can also tilt your head to your right and left. You can also turn your head in circle to finish your head exercise. Afterward, to make your blood circulation smooth, you can simply do stretching right from your chair. Put your hands up then stretch it upward. You can do the stretching for 10 to 30 seconds. The last but not least, you can also turn your body to your right and left while holding the chair to reduce stiff on your shoulder and back.

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