Healthy Cooking Recipes; Berry Omelet

Healthy Cooking Recipes; Berry Omelet

easy cooking recipesDo you need more information about healthy cooking recipes? When you need information about healthy cooking meals, Berry Omelet can be one of your meals. This meal will be delicious for you and you cannot forget the fact that cooking this omelet is considered as easy cooking. So, when you are curious about this meal, you can read the rest of the paragraphs to know more about this menu. Here is the information for you

Healthy Cooking Recipes For Berry Omelet

For this one of many healthy cooking recipes, you have to prepare some ingredients. The ingredients that you have to prepare are 1 large egg, 3 pinches of cinnamon, 100g cottage cheese, ½ tsp or rapeseed oil, 1 tbsp. of skimmed milk, and the last are 175g of chopped strawberry, raspberries, and blueberries. Those ingredients are the ingredients that will make your Berry Omelet become more delicious. Then, how do you cook this menu? Please follow the following instruction.

The first step that you have to do is beating the egg with the cinnamon and also the milk. Make sure that those ingredients mixed well. Then, you have to prepare to heat the oil in the frying pan and then pour the egg mixture. Then, you have to cook it for about few minutes to make sure that those things are already cooked. In the cooking process, you do not need to flip the omelet. Then, after you have done with the cooking process, you can put it on a plate. After that, you can add the topping by spreading the cheese over it. Spread the berries too. After you have done with that process, you can roll up the omelet and serve it for yourself. That is all the information for you about Berry Omelet as one of healthy cooking recipes for you.

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