Samsung User Manual; Galaxy Note 4

Samsung User Manual; Galaxy Note 4

User manual deviceFor the users of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, to operate the device, you need to know about several things on your device from Samsung user manual. You need to know about the basic keys first on your device until the most complicated things related to your device. By knowing the positions of many basic keys of your smartphone, it will help you to know more about your device and can operate the device wisely. Then, do you think you are ready to know deeper your device? The following paragraphs will explain to you about the position and the function of several basic keys of your Galaxy Note 4

Samsung User Manual; Basic Keys Of Galaxy Note 4

Starting you Samsung user manual, on the right side of your device, from your point of view, there will be Power key. The function of Power key is to turn your device on or off. This basic key will help you to lock and turn on the screen too. Then, you have the Recent key. The recent Key has a function to help you to open the list of the apps that you use recently. If you want to use it for more additional options, you can tap and hold the key to get the access.

Then, the other basic key that you will find in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is Home button or key. To turn on the locked screen, you can use this key. Then, you also can press this key to back to your Home screen. When you want to launch S Voice, you can press it twice and wait until the command is working. Then, you also can launch Google by pressing and holding it for a moment to launch Google. In your device, you will also find the other basic keys which are Volume key and also Back key. That is all Samsung user manual for Galaxy Note 4’s basic keys.

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