Simple Cook For Fresh Sardines

Simple Cook For Fresh Sardines

As rich Omega 3 fat and free mercury fish, sardine fish becomes the most popular fish to consume. Moreover, sardine is also easy to find with affordable price. Mostly, you can find the canned sardines. However, there is also fresh sardine that can be the best choice. When you buy fresh sardine, make sure that you will not store it for a long time. Different from canned sardines, the fresh sardines will not stay long after it caught. Then, how to cook sardines? Actually, sardine is the easiest one to be cooked.

How To Cook Fresh Sardine Fish

There are some ways to cook fresh sardine fish. Before that, you have to make sure that you rinse it well. Cut the head off and scrape the scales off. You can also rub the sardines with some slices of lemon to avoid smelly things on it. Moreover, lemons also help to give more flavor to it. After that, you can choose how to cook it. There are some ways to cook sardine which are grilling, frying, broiling, and even baking. Most people like to grill fresh sardine. So, you can also try this way to get tastier sardine as your main menu.

It is so easy and simple to grill fresh sardine. First, you have to turn on your grill. Second, you can brush the sardines with olive oil to make it moister and juicy then wrap it well in a grape leaf. Third, just grill it on for 5 to 6 minutes for each side. It is the best way for cooking sardines since you do not need many ingredients for getting tastier sardines. For other tips and recommendation, you may visit Get the best tips about sardines and get the best product of sardines from it.

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