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Ketogenic Diet, What Is It?

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When you are in your program for losing weight, you might consider diet as a program in which you will feel starved and tortured. The torturing diet can also happen to some people who get the gastric acid disease and diabetes. In this case, the diet programs usually will limit the food intake towards the patients, which will also make them feel tortured during the process. Fortunately, now you can get a solution for better diet plan for those conditions. The ketogenic diet plan comes as a perfect, popular way in being healthy and slim for the obesity cases. So, what is actually this diet program and how it works?

Understanding the Ketogenic Diet

In this case, you might not familiar with the name. But, actually, this diet plan is something that is really considered in some conditions. This is actually a long, old-school program that can be done by anyone. The cores of this diet plan are by reducing the intake of foods that contain lots of glucose. So, the ones who are in this diet program are encouraged to consume more fatty food and reduce the foods which are containing carbohydrate that can lead to the high glucose in the bloodstream.

The thing that can be concluded in this diet program is that the patient is expected to get daily calorie supply, 70%-75% from fat, 20% from protein and 5% from carbohydrate. The best part of this diet plan is about how you should not count your daily calorie intake. You will only need to consider your eating plan and schedule. You should also take a serious attention towards the condition that makes you get excess glucose. This is a simple, easy and of course, safe diet plan to choose. Don’t hesitate to choose it for your life!

How Fermented Tea Benefit Your Health

Health lifeGreen tea, jasmine tea and there are much other tea that is considered as a healthy option for some persons. It is inevitable that most tea has its own benefit for our health. That’s why it always becomes a nice option for everyone who needs to improve their health by drinking more liquid but just cannot bear to drink clear water as always. When it comes to tea, there is actually fermented tea which most people may not be familiar with this tea. Then, why we need to take it into account?

Amazing Health Benefits of Fermented Tea

Fermented tea is actually a tea which is fermented with microbes. The traditional one is usually referred to the one that is semi-fermented. Then, when bacterial, mold and yeast is added, there will be full fermentation. Ten, what make this fermented tea becomes a good beverage option for us who want to improve our health? One of the reasons is because fermented tea is able to improve our immunity. This tea offers the benefits of antibiotic and also antibacterial. That’s why it becomes a nice thing to enhance our immune system. It is able to aid our system to keep protected.

Moreover, fermented tea does not have a high level of caffeine which is good to boost our energy when you feel like your energy lagging. Then, fermented tea also offers high probiotics that are known to be a great one to improve our bacterial and stomach balance. In this case, probiotics are able to encourage beneficial bacteria to grow in our stomach. As a result, it gives our digestion system to proceed efficiently. Subsequently, it is also found that fermented tea has the ability to improve our circulation which then helps in making our cardiovascular function be more optimized. That’s all some amazing benefits of fermented tea for our health.

Exercises for You Who Always Sit

Health lifeWho says that you cannot do exercise when you sit all day long in your office? For you who are working while sitting down all day long, it must be great news for you. We cannot deny that there are so many people who work while sitting in this digital era. At this point, they may spend more than eight hours in five days to work in front of their computer while sitting. When working while sitting is considered to be unhealthy activity, what should we do?

Best Exercises for You Who Sit All Day Long

Luckily, there are some possible exercises that you can do when you are sitting on a chair. For warming up, you can change from sitting to standing without using your hand for sometimes. So, you will change your position for several times as warming up. You do not need to go anywhere from your chair. More importantly, you will not spend so much of your precious time when you do this simple activity. Then, you can also reduce the tense in your neck by doing exercise that has something to do with your head. This simple movement will be able to be done right from your chair as well.

For the head movement, you can nod your head upward and downward in exchange for several times. Then, you can also tilt your head to your right and left. You can also turn your head in circle to finish your head exercise. Afterward, to make your blood circulation smooth, you can simply do stretching right from your chair. Put your hands up then stretch it upward. You can do the stretching for 10 to 30 seconds. The last but not least, you can also turn your body to your right and left while holding the chair to reduce stiff on your shoulder and back.

Considering Consuming Lemon Water

Health lifeYou surely familiar with this sour fruit named lemon in the healthy life. It is very good for almost all the part of your health; even in the beauty world, this lemon also very popular. However, you should know about your body needs well if you want to use this lemon and consume it as anything you need. Ok, for clearer explanations and information; you may read the next paragraphs below.

Consider Several Things Before Consume Lemon Water

Many people recommend drinking the lemon water every morning to lose their weight. This method is very popular and a lot of people agree with it and them also successful to lose their weight with the same method. However, you should know several things before you try to do the same. This lemon water is very sour and will not good for your stomach if you do not know your condition is good to consume it or not. Some sources also stated that too much lemon water in the body that is not in a good condition will endanger the heart. You will get heart diseases if you do not be more careful. So, if you want to use this method to lose weight; you better discuss it with your doctor first.

It will be better for you to know your condition first. You surely do not want any bad things to happen to your body while you want to be healthier by consuming the lemon water. You should do check up your health routine to know your condition and you will not get any tips wrong. Maybe it is good for other people but it does not always work the same way in you. So, be wise to yourself. Ok, that is all the information for you. If you love your body; you should find out more info about this.

10 Simple Rules For Healthy Pregnancy

Health lifeFirst of all, if you are a soon-to-be-mother, I would say congratulation! When you are pregnant means you are not only taking care of yourself but also the little creature inside you. Pregnant women are advised to eat well, do the prenatal care, and exercise regularly because they have a lot of health benefits for both of you and also can lead to a successful delivering baby.

Healthy Pregnancy Is Important!

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle throughout your pregnancy is all you need. When you are expecting, everything needs a little extra so don’t forget to follow these rules below:

  1. The first rule goes for water. Yup, stay hydrated. At least drink 8 glasses of water daily as they advised. Avoid caffeinated beverages, noted!
  2. Get yourself away from a smoky area. Don’t let yourself to be a secondhand smoker, this isn’t good.
  3. Remind yourself to take care of your prenatal vitamin every day.
  4. Try to put your feet up several times a day to prevent from getting swollen feet’s, ankle, legs, and fatigue.
  5. If you are an active smoker, I highly suggest you quit it for you and your little one best.
  6. Provide yourself with well-balanced meals a day which contains high vitamin and protein.
  7. Don’t forget to wear your safety belt when you are in a car. Reminds your partner to remind yourself too, aha!
  8. Do exercise! Walk around your neighborhood at least twenty minutes a day. Exercise is also important for your general health so do it.
  9. Stop yourself from overtaking any medicine without the guide from your pregnancy consultant. It’s pretty risky for your pregnancy.
  10. Pregnancy period comes with sleep disturbance at night, but a mama still needs an adequate amount of sleep, right? Take a good nap instead to cover your sleep deprived.

Good luck on your pregnancy! Let us know when your offspring is here!

Life Healthier, Life Happier

Health lifeLife healthy and happy, of course, becomes the goals of many people. Who does not want to be happy in this life? Many people are searching and pursuing their happiness. Who also do not want to live healthily? Many people are trying to keep their healthy lifestyle too. Actually, to be happy is to be healthy. When you are happy, the possibility of your health is increasing. When you are healthy, you will also be happy. It means that those things have a correlation to each other. Then, do you know what the tips to do to live healthier and happier are? If you are curious about it, please read the following paragraphs.

Tips to Life Healthier and Happier

To keep your life healthy and happy, you can eat healthy food in your meal. It sounds simple, but you might know about old saying that tells you about eat well, live well. This is the simple thing that will make your life feel easier and happier. Besides that, the good menu for your meal, of course, will help you to make your life healthier. Then, the other tips that can help you to live healthier and happier are that you can do weekly exercise to make your body healthy. In your weekly exercises, you can spend it with jogging in the jogging track of your neighborhood. It would help you to make your life healthier.

Then, in your weekly routine to help you to manage your healthy life, you will also meet other people, and you can build your connection. To build your connection and get new friends will also bring happiness for you. So, doing exercises is something good for your, both mentally and also physically. The other thing that can help you to live healthier and happier is that keep your smile. It will make you easier to have your happy and healthy life.

How to Stay Healthy as Freelancer

Health lifeAre you a freelancer who works from home? If you are working on your computer all day long and sitting in front of that thing, there can be a time when you do not practice any healthy habit at all. You may forget about your meal or you just keep sitting without moving your body since you are just really into your work. Well, there are actually some tips that you can follow in order to stay healthy as a freelancer who always works in the home. You can find the tips as follow.

How to Stay Healthy as Work-from-Home Freelancer

First of all, you need to consider minimizing your sitting time. Even though you need to work on your computer by sitting down, it does not mean that you need to stay all the morning and night on your seat. Try to stretch your body one time and another. Your body needs to move on for physical activity, so you must get up from your seat and try to move your body every 30 minutes for instance. Second, you must make sure that you sit properly when you sit. Well, you are sitting all the time. You must make sure that you have done it properly so that your bone will not suffer something like scoliosis.

Next, you must stay away from your computer screen sometimes. Your eyes need to rest, so you must consider about looking at another object from a moment when you are working on something on your computer. It will be good to avoid eyes problem. In addition, you must remember that you need to stay hydrated. Even though you love your work, remember that your body needs water to stay hydrated. And you need to keep healthy snack as well to avoid eating unhealthy snacks when you are working.

Easy Tricks To Lose Belly Fat

Health lifeBelly fat is a way too frustrating, isn’t it? For those who have never tried to lose their belly fat may not know that it is highly hard to make it. We cannot deny that there are many of people who seem to have belly fat but seem excellent physically. However, we cannot deny that belly fat is somehow problematic since it may lead us to another health problem. More specifically, it can also make our body turns out not that good. Then, what we need to do to get rid of it?

Top Easy Tricks To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

The first trick is to avoid eating sugar as well as a sweetened beverage. You must keep it in your mind that added sugar is highly unhealthy. There have been many studies which discovered the dangerous impact of added sugar to our metabolic health. When burning fat has something to do with our metabolism, we need to avoid any product that can ruin our metabolism. The second trick is to eat more protein. We can say that this nutrient is the most needed for losing belly fat our losing our overall weight. It is good since it can eliminate craving for about 60% and improve our metabolism for about 80 to 100 calories in a day.

Furthermore, it is also suggested that you need to limit carb from your diet. Carb can be the one that is condemned as the cause of excessive fat on your belly and all over your body. That’s why it is important for you to reduce your intake on the card for the sake of your flat belly. Next, it is also highly recommended to consume more fiber by taking foods which are high in fiber. That’s all several easy tricks to get rid of belly fat.

Eat This Fruit For Weight Loss

Health lifeIf you are asking about any super food that is able to help you losing weight, you must not avoid fruits since it is one of the foods that can provide you lots of health benefits. It must be your million times to hear about the benefit of fruit for your body. However, have you known the best choice of fruit if you want to lose your weight? There are basically some of them which are considered better to help weight loss program. Let’s check the information below to learn more.

Best Fruits To Eat For Weight Loss

First of all, we have tart cherries. You may find this cute little dressing as you eat your delicious tart. This fruit is actually one of the fruits that can be useful for your heart health. In addition to heart health, this fruit is also shown to be helpful for making your weight loss program more effective. Second, we can also take ruby red grapefruit. Eating this fruit before your meal is found to be useful to eliminate visceral fat as well as reduce level or cholesterol in our body. There has been a study that reveals about this fact, so there is no reason to avoid this fruit anymore.

Next, we should not forget the pink lady apple. This apple is also the best one when it comes to weight loss. There are some studies which prove the benefit of this apple to reduce fat in our belly as well. It is also found that the fruit contains a high level of flavonoid, one of the antioxidant types. For another option, there is also watermelon. Knowing as a fruit that contains high sugar, this fruit is yet useful for your weight loss program. The last but not least, you can also take plum, peach, and nectarine into account when you like to lose weight.

Get Exercise for Healthy Life

Health lifeTo start something good for our body needs a strong commitment to keeping it run continuously. If you want to start to get your body stay healthy, you can do it right now. There are many ways that you can take such as exercise, doing sport, that you can do it regularly. If you are not the one who likes to exercise so much, jogging is the best options that you can do. Every person in this world can do jogging even if they are not expert in doing another exercise. It is because all you can do is just running with the lower speed. You can do jogging every day for around 15 until 30 minutes in the morning to make your body keeps on in your day.

Other Exercises You Can Choose

Besides jogging, there are many exercises that you can choose as what you can do routinely. If you get bored with just running around your house, you can do other exercises to split it every day.

You can join to yoga class, so you can do yoga to keep your body and also your mind to keep healthy and fresh. Yoga is one of the exercises most women like it. It helps them in getting peace with their mind and get fresh and healthy for their body in one time.

Besides them, you also can go to the gym to exercise your muscle or just to get daily exercises. You can ask for the trainer to discuss and decide what kind of exercise that matches for your activity. You also can consult with them about the food and beverage that you dos and don’ts consume.

The last one, if you are busy enough, you can buy the sports device such as treadmill or others that you want. You can do exercise in your home by yourself.

Low-Sodium Foods For Your Heart Health

Health lifeHave you known that there is something that you may not realize it but can kill you day by day? When we are talking about something like this, we should not forget about sodium or salt. You must ever hear that it is dangerous to eat too much salt since it is able to lead you to many health problems like high blood pressure. That’s why it is always recommended to take food that is low in sodium or salt to keep your body healthy. In fact, it is said that lower sodium can make your heart stronger.

Best Low-Sodium Foods For Your Healthy Heart

Now that we are talking about foods that are lower in sodium, have you had any idea about what kind of food to take for your attempt to achieve a healthy heart? In the first place, you can consider about taking frozen or fresh veggies that basically has low sodium. When you find canned veggies or kind of salad dressing that comes in high salt, you may need to consider avoiding this food. It is suggested that you choose to dress with balsamic vinegar or low-salt soybean. It will be healthier than adding much salt to your veggie dressing.

Moreover, potato and sweet potato are the other foods that have low sodium which you can take into account. It is even reported by an expert that your high potassium diet makes it possible for you to not trimming your intake on sodium. However, it will be better to go on with potato and sweet potato which is high in potassium alongside lowering the salt intake. Furthermore, it is also a great idea to enjoy nuts when you need a snack or extra meal in the middle of the day. The last but not least, you must not forget about fruit which can be your natural candy.

Reducing Risk In Insomnia

Health lifeAfter having a tight schedule of activities, the body needs to have quality sleep to make it rest. For this reason, everyone should have deep sleep and wake in good mood and relaxed feeling in the morning. But, because of certain factors such as the stressful of work or over think too much, people might get trapped in insomnia. Basically, this is not an unwanted condition that needs to be maintained in a proper way before the worst thing happen. However, once they get this problem, they could have another trouble in the morning badly. Keeping the body healthy is the responsibility beyond of anything.

How To Reduce Insomnia

Normally, adults need to take rest time for seven to eight hours daily. It is genuinely one-third times of their entire life. It means, they need to calculate the time they spend for resting. Once they have too much time at nap, it would potentially make them hard to sleep. Then, they should maintain the bed time in the better period. Somehow, once they have problems, they need to handle it wisely. Do not over think about this case is strongly advised. It is very normal to find problems among them so that they do not need to be much worry about this thing.

On the other hand, people might less consider that they take too much sugar in their foods. Sugar consists of carbohydrate that will give them power and energy source. When it is full, it will keep them energized. Therefore, people need to select the food ingredients carefully. Do not take the sugar component in much amount for dinner is a good choice. It will help them get quality sleep. Eventually, by taking these steps in the routine, it is easy to lose fat easily. They do not need to be worried to have the ideal body.

Reasons To Eat More Cucumber

Health lifeDo you usually use cucumber as an alternative facial mask? At this point, you may have known that cucumber is able to be used as a facial mask because of its benefit for our skin. However, have you ever thought about the other benefits that this fruit can give to you? It has been everyone’s secret that cucumber has a good impact on our body health. Do you know what is it? If you want to know about it any further, let’s check this following information.

Reasons To Eat More Cucumber For Your Health

The first reason why we need to eat more cucumber is that of its high nutrients. Cucumber is low in calories while rich in mineral and vitamin. It is possible to get a crab, protein, vitamin C and K, fiber, magnesium, manganese, and potassium for 300 grams of cucumber. Cucumber is high in water content as well, so it can help you to stay hydrated too. The second reason to eat more cucumber is that of its antioxidant property. Cucumber also has an antioxidant property which is able to keep our body stay away from the negative effect of free radical. As we know free radical is related to cancer and lung as well as heart disease.

Moving on another reason, it is also possible for cucumber to help people to lose weight. There are some ways that make cucumber is possible for helping people to lose weight. One of the ways is by fulfilling your need for calories without having too much that lead you to weight gain. Lastly, it is also possible for cucumber to eliminate blood sugar. There has been a study that has been done to see the reaction of eating cucumber toward diabetes prevention. It is discovered that the food is able to control and reduce blood sugar effectively.

Tricks To Eat More Veggies

Health lifeIt is so hard to eat more veggies, isn’t it? For some people, eating veggies is something that is very difficult. Those who do not really eat veggie from the beginning may find it hard to start eating it today. However, it does not mean that it is impossible for us to enhance our craving toward veggies. When understanding the benefit of veggie to our healthy life is not enough to encourage us eating more veggie, we may need to check out these simple tricks!

Simple Tricks To Eat More Veggies And Fruits

Let’s begin with your breakfast. Having a breakfast is basically important. Then, having a healthy diet full of veggies and fruits is surely at a different level. If you want to get it easy to be used to veggie and fruit, you should start to consume it from your morning breakfast. You can consider about mixing dried fruit, fresh or frozen fruit with cereal, oatmeal or yogurt. It will be a great breakfast to start a day. If you do not really like this idea, you can consider about smoothie containing fruit and veggie for your breakfast. It will be another tasty alternative for you who want to eat more fruit and veggie.

In addition, you can just double the veggies portion in your diet. Do you love salad, soup or pizza? You can take this opportunity to add more veggies as well as fruits in your daily diet right now. There are many recipes for salad, soup, pizza, sandwiches or even pasta which give you a chance to put more veggies on it. It will be a great idea for you who want to start eating more veggies in a delicious way. The last, to avoid getting bored with the same vegetable every week, you can consider finding new fresh veggie each week.

Daily Healthy Tips

Health lifeThere are many things you always do every day, right? Are you a student or a worker? You must be very busy with your life. However, do you take care of your health well every day? If you think your activities are important; you should know that without a healthy body, your activities will not be done well. Then, how to take care your body in the middle of busy days and activities? You know, it is very easy. Let see the tips below.

Several Daily Healthy Tips

If you have time to eat, you should spend your time for your exercise as well. You know you do not need much time to do exercise. It is very easy just to do some moves in few minutes. You can see the examples of moves on the internet. Then, you should find the best foods for you every day. You may see the needs of yours. Do not take much sugar if your family have diabetes line, for example. Eat more fruits and fresh water too. Then, the last important thing is sleep well at night. You need to sleep to get the healthier body and get a fresher look.

If you have many activities that make you cannot sleep well; you should drink milk or do exercise at afternoon to make your body relax and ready to sleep or rest well. So, have you done all those things above? If you have not done those things; you should start to do them tomorrow to be healthier and live longer too. You can share and tell these tips with your beloved family members or friends around you if you want. Therefore, you all will be healthy as well. Thus, that is all the tips about daily health for you and people you love. I with the tips will be useful for you.